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Canadian Coast Guard

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) owns and operates the federal government’s civilian fleet, and provides key maritime services to Canadians. CCG maintains a fleet of approximately 40 large ships with over 200 users. These ships use DMSI's MAINTelligence system for integrated maintenance management, purchasing, inspections and condition monitoring in their ships. Ship Management oversees operations by routinely synchronizing data between each ship and a central hosting site running Citrix MetaFrame.

Canadian Coast  used MAINTelligence to successfully transition from multiple non-integrated maintenance systems to one integrated system for maintenance,  purchasing and inspection.  Each ship maintains its database onboard, and routinely updates the central database using MAINTelligence’s sophisticated data replication engine.  Ships use MAINTelligence to manage multiple programs, including:

  • Work order management
  • Parts receiving and issuing
  • Engine room logging requirements
  • Regulatory inspections and reporting (Class survey) 
  • Safety inspections
  • Operating conditions
  • Condition monitoring (vibration, oil, temperature…)

The benefits that have resulted from their relationship with DMSI:
  • Reduced total setup cost for maintenance and monitoring systems.
  • Reduced training costs through system standardization.
  • Reduced the need for costly data consistency audits.
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