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Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership

Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership implemented a corporate Asset Basic Care system utilizing a corporate server in three large facilities within a 100 miles radius. Utilizing DMSI technology, an integrated inspection / monitoring program with predictive technology began in 2002 with over 1,000 users on one wide area network system, one central server and complete database and nomenclature uniformity.

Each facility was able to automate both oiler preventive maintenance rounds and operators total productive maintenance routes with a single investment in software and hardware. MAINTelligence provides for their oil analysis and integrated automated diagnostic for improved alarm management and report generation. MAINTelligence was interfaced to their enterprise asset management system.

"The flexibility of MAINTelligence has greatly improved our lubrication program. MAINTelligence allows us to more easily determine the workload, helping us to effectively manage resources and our task backlog to ensure that the right tasks are getting completed at the correct time. Integration with oil analysis has allowed us to easily assign corrective actions based on the diagnosis of the equipment and complete the work in a timely manner.
Basic equipment inspections using MAINTelligence has shown us significant benefits with the ability to easily trend data, diagnose equipment and communicate problems more easily. We have identified problems with equipment and were able to correct problems before resulting in costly production losses. Moving away from paper based inspections has allowed us to gather more data and to only review equipment in alarm instead of reviewing data that requires no follow up." — Mike Todd, Reliability Engineer, Prince George Pulp & Paper Mill

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