MAINTelligence V5.2 and New Tablet InspectNET Released!

Design Maintenance Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the release of MAINTelligence™ V5.2 and the new InspectNET™ tablet version of InspectCE. MAINTelligence’s SQL Server underpinnings, released in V5, have and will continue to allow our development group to add some impressive new capabilities to MAINTelligence. While the new InspectNET version of InspectCE adds great flexibility for inspections.Read the What's New Overview for all the details.

MAINTelligence 2017 Training Schedule

The MAINTelligence training schedule along with our Event Calendar have been released for first half of 2017. A new course, MAINTelligence SuperUser has been added for experienced users wishing to further their skills in specific areas.
For information on each class, please visit our Event Calendar. To register for any of the scheduled classes, please forward the registration form to our office.

We offer Customized Live On-Line Training

Short on time? Want to learn new MAINTelligence features without leaving your desk? Or want to enhance your MAINTelligence use in a specific area?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and are an experienced MAINTelligence user, then we have the answer. We offer one hour sessions for experienced MAINTelligence users that can be customized to suit your area of focus. The sessions can be purchased individually or in a group, allowing you to have one session per day/week/month. Let our experts enhance your MAINTelligence skills and maximize your MAINTelligence ROI.

For more information, read the Live Online Training brochure or please contact us via phone (DMSI support line 1 800 923-3674) or email

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