MAINTelligence is one system that handles maintenance management, work orders, condition based maintenance, data collection and analysis, and asset basic care. The benefit is that it provides users with automatic integration of what normally constitutes three separate software systems (EAM/CMMS, PdM, and TPM/inspection systems).

MAINTelligence is used in hundreds of sites worldwide, ranging from some of the world's largest industrial operations to single remote sites. It is used to manage Asset Basic Care (operator-based reliability / inspection programs), condition based maintenance programs and as a maintenance management system - all with Microsoft SQL Server as the heart of its data repository.


Multi-tiered Approach to Reliability

Built on a multi-tiered approach to reliability, MAINTelligence™ starts with a solid foundation in asset management and maintenance scheduling, and/or Asset Basic Care expanding into all condition based maintenance technologies in a manner and rate that suits your organization. Advanced applications take advantage of our customizable intelligent agents for equipment health assessment – all of these elements are combined to create a complete, integrated and automated equipment reliability system.

Maintenance Management

With the integration of both asset basic care and predictive maintenance findings directly into the maintenance task schedule, work from PdM procedures is automatically generated, just like time or meter-based PM tasks. Maintenance planners handle all tasks the same way, no matter what their origin and have the option of maintenance schedules being automatically adjusted based on the inspected or measured condition of the asset.

  1. Equipment Reliability
  2. Work Management
  3. Planning and Scheduling
  4. Parts and Purchasing
  5. Resource Management
  6. Mobile Work Management

Lubrication Management

MAINTelligence is used to automate and manage all lubrication management functions, including lubrication auditing, the lubricant application schedule, oil/grease handling and logistics, contamination control, and lubricant analysis.

Condition Based Maintenance - One Tool, Multiple Technologies

A good doctor considers ALL the symptoms, forming a complete picture to base a diagnosis. A successful reliability program is the same — it evaluates all the relevant data from multiple condition based maintenance technologies, generating the best diagnosis and course of action. MAINTelligence brings all the symptoms gathered via PDA inspections, vibration and lubrication analysis, ultrasound and thermography together in one place for a complete picture of the asset’s health, clarifying the problem and course of action.

  1. Process Data Collection
  2. Vibration Data Collection and Analysis
  3. Lubrication Sample Management and Analysis
  4. Ultrasonic Data Collection and Analysis
  5. Thermographic Image Analysis

Open Data Exchange with Non-Proprietary Systems and Hardware

A great reliability program is backed by a partnership between maintenance, operations, planning and other departments. It is built with tools that facilitate and create these partnerships, fostering company-wide support. That is why MAINTelligence provides the flexibility to choose which key information to share for strengthening partnerships and support between programs and departments. Built with an open data exchange, MAINTelligence connects with non-proprietary systems and hardware.

  1. Condition Monitoring Data Collectors (all disciplines)
  2. All major Oil Analysis laboratories
  3. ERP / EAM systems (SAP, Oracle, Invensys, JD Edwards, Ventyx etc.)
  4. Process Historian Systems (OSISoft)
  5. Remote Citrix Metaframe





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