Asset & Maintenance Management


MAINTelligence asset and maintenance management provides incredible functionality that ensures maximum uptime for plant assets.


A Reliability Focused CMMS

MAINTelligence creates a framework that incorporates the CMMS aspects, (collecting costs and allocating resources) but it differs from most CMMS’s because extensive customer research indicated the need for greater focus on maintenance and reliability. Thus, MAINTelligence provides management tools for predictive and inspection based maintenance data, along with standard corrective and preventive maintenance work orders. One software for maintenance management AND integrated asset reliability functions.

Condition of Assets Readily Available

MAINTelligence brings it all together – the condition of all the assets is at your fingertips. Assets requiring attention, data on why and the work status are readily apparent and accessible. Work requests and work orders can be scheduled along with the applicable resources for the work, (parts, tools, personnel and contractor). Work can also be automatically triggered via intelligent diagnostics and alarms. The reliability expert saves both valuable time and money while improving the success of the reliability program.

Unified Maintenance Planning

One major problem with condition-based maintenance management programs is that inspection and/or measurement data is collected, but recommendations for proactive maintenance never get turned into actual work orders. By integrating both asset basic care and predictive maintenance findings directly into the maintenance task schedule, work from PdM procedures is automatically generated in MAINTelligence, just like time or meter-based PM tasks. This allows maintenance planners to handle all tasks the same way, no matter what their origin. The significance of this is that maintenance schedules can automatically change based on the inspected or measured condition of the asset. And it doesn’t have to just be MAINTelligence as the CMMS – DMSI supplies interfaces to many other ERP and EAM systems that allow us to trigger work orders automatically.

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