Asset & Maintenance Management

Parts and Purchasing

Control Inventory

MAINTelligence can help you realize considerable savings through a well-managed parts inventory system.

  • Control, Identify and Track
    MAINTelligence provides extensive tools to control your inventory, identify obsolete or out-of-stock items while tracking vendor information, costs and locations.

  • Plan, View and Automate:
    The system saves considerable time through user-defined settings for automatic work order part reservation, Bill Of Material cross-referencing and purchase requisitioning. It also features multiple inventory methods for automatic reorder and item prioritization along with part cross referencing to plant assets.

Manage Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders

The MAINTelligence’s Purchasing Module works closely with the Parts Manager to help simplify the Requisition – Order – Receiving cycle. Create purchase requistions from multiple places and choose to automatically (or in batch from line items) change them to purchase orders. The system provides many features, such as long term agreement purchase order creation in multiple currencies, parts and services issued directly to the work orders and vendor performance analysis.

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Parts Manager
Parts Manager

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