Asset & Maintenance Management

Planning and Scheduling

Keeping on schedule has never been easier

MAINTelligence is built around SmartSchedule™, a powerful dynamic scheduling system that can create and administer work orders based on preventive, inspection and condition-based maintenance information.

Maintenance Schedules Based on Current Plant Environment

MAINTelligence allows work orders to be generated automatically and will modify maintenance schedules based on alarms or knowledge-based diagnostics. Maintenance schedules reflect changes in the plant environment.

For example, an operator on asset inspection rounds records data, uploads it to MAINTelligence and if the data exceeds controlled parameters, a work request/order will automatically be generated and the maintenance schedule changed accordingly.

Scheduling Flexibility

Control the scheduling of Preventive Maintenance tasks for any of the facility, equipment and component items in the database.
  • Group tasks together in a “task route”, and/or schedule as a single item.
  • Numerous scheduling options available to trigger tasks and generate work orders.
  • Schedule by calendar, both fixed and elapsed dates.
  • Schedule by meters, such as: operating hours, mileage, production counts etc.
  • Schedule by equipment condition, alarms or knowledge-based diagnostics and
    Operations / Production schedules.
  • Opportunistic scheduling (based on machinery availability).

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Task Scheduling
Task Scheduling

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