Asset & Maintenance Management

Work Management

Work Requests

MAINTelligence allows designated plant personnel to submit maintenance requests to the maintenance planner and track the progress of their work request from request approval through to completion. Work requests can be entered directly into MAINTelligence, or submitted from a handheld device.

Work Orders

MAINTelligence tracks all aspects related to work performed on assets, from installing new equipment, carrying out preventive maintenance work, or managing critical shutdowns. The ability to track and manage work orders, labor, planning, and scheduling allows companies to make the most of their resources while improving productivity.
  • Approve tasks / requests upon entry, or approve several tasks / requests at once.
  • Assign priority status, labor time, parts, tools, contractors, and costs to each work order.
  • Parts inventory records are updated automatically.
  • Work Order backlog provides outstanding Work Orders lists searchable by any field.
  • Capture meter readings, downtime and/or lost production on work order records.
  • Manage work order assignments —view all work orders, or all work orders assigned to or by a particular person.
  • Record work already completed quickly and easily via non-scheduled or emergency work orders.

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Work Request
Work Request

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Work Order - General Tab
Work Order - General Tab

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