Condition Based Maintenance: Lubrication

Lubrication Sample Management and Analysis

MAINTelligence is the world’s leading system for lubricant analysis—used extensively by laboratories and heavy equipment operators for mission-critical lubricant analysis programs throughout the world. MAINTelligence is ideal for managing your on-site or laboratory-based lubricant analysis and contamination control programs. MAINTelligence offers complete control over the sampling cycle, from generating sample bottle labels (complete with bar codes), all the way through to electronic import of your sample results.


Interfaces to all major lubricant testing laboratories (over 50), and many on-site sampling instruments.

Lubrication Test Types

Spectrography Particle counts
Viscosity FTIR Spectroscopy
DR Ferrography Analytical Ferrography
RBOT Remaining Useful Life (RUL) calculations
All ASTM tests Many laboratory proprietary tests



Alarm Management

Effective alarm management is essential for the implementation of a successful and sustainable lubricant analysis program. Multiple alarm types can be applied simultaneously to any reading element. Maintelligence has wide array of alarms that can be applied, including overall, statistical, current vs. baseline, and condition based on analytical assessment.

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Example of Lubrication Sample Report

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