Condition Based Maintenance: Vibration

Vibration Data Collection and Analysis

MAINTelligence is a full featured vibration analysis package, which lets you build and maintain a comprehensive vibration analysis program regardless of your operating environment or the types of equipment you operate.

  • Ability to store up to 65536 line resolution spectrum and/or time waveform.
  • User defined measurement point configuration.
  • Define any number of overalls, RPM, spectra, time waveforms, notes, images and recordings in a single measurement point.
  • Support for acceleration, velocity, displacement, and any type of demodulated and/or filtered vibration reading.
  • Bearing Database with Fault Frequencies from all major bearing manufacturers.

Instrument Interfaces

  • Commtest vb7/8
  • Liberator

Data Displays and Reporting

MAINTelligence is unsurpassed when it comes to graphical data display and reporting. Unlike other systems with fixed format data displays, you can design graph views and reports to suit your way of analyzing vibration data.  You can view time waveforms, spectra, trends and comparison charts in any number of combinations or layouts.  Direct access to these graph views and reports are available from the plant manager, the route manager, the alarm log and the condition assessment module.


Numeric Trends—Overall, Extracted Values from Spectra Orbits, Both Filtered and Unfiltered
Comparative Charts - multiple overalls / extracted values bar graphs Status Trends
Spectral & Time Waveform Displays—Single, Difference, Overlapped Circular Waveform (Roll Profile)
True 3D Waterfall plots with real-time rotate/scale of Spectra and Time Waveforms. Polar Phase Plot



  • Create & edit reports using MAINTelligence’s unique report editor.
  • Put any display types on user-defined reports.
  • Overall Value tables with alarm colors displayed.
  • Include Images and Drawings.
  • Generate bar code tags for data collection via report editor.

Alarm Management

Effective alarm management is essential for the implementation of a successful and sustainable vibration analysis program. Multiple alarm types can be applied simultaneously to any reading element, including overall, statistical, spectral and time waveform alarms. Also, automatic alarm notification to alarm log and via email.

Analysis Tools

MAINTelligence has the analysis tools needed to carry out both simple and advanced analysis of trends, spectra and time waveforms. Intuitive, easy-to-use tools allow you to identify and categorize peaks, post process waveforms and overlay fault frequencies.

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Vibration - Spectra with Alarms

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Vibration - Dual Time Waveforms / Orbits

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Vibration - Waterfall Display

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Vibration - Circular Waveform (Roll Profile)

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