Condition Assessments Module

MAINTelligence's integrated system provides for a condition assessment and diagnostic system with unmatched usability and flexibility. The MAINTelligence Condition Assessment module is based on the award-winning VARMINT engine, the world’s only backward chaining inference engine custom built for predictive maintenance applications.

You can use the diagnostic report to review the results and interactively display drawings of the machines, explanations of the diagnoses, and graphical displays in a variety of formats. The diagnostic system gives you a diagnosis of the problem(s) that exist, and a recommendation. In addition, each fault diagnosis is given a severity (slight, moderate, serious or extreme), and a probability.

For vibration analysis, the Condition Assessment module uses order normalized spectra and demodulated spectra (enveloping) using a series of high-performance data reduction modules. For oil analysis, ultrasonic and inspection readings, all of the data collected can be analyzed using custom-built rule sets. Unlike other systems that force you to use restrictive data modelling techniques, the MAINTelligence system allows you to build and maintain a diagnostic system that fits in with your existing way of conducting your predictive maintenance program.

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