Reports, Graphs and External Data

Customizable Reports with Report Editor

MAINTelligence includes a large variety of reports, which can be sorted and filtered according to your preferences and requirements. The built-in report editor makes it easy to modify any report or label in MAINTelligence—or you can create your own reports from scratch.

  • Include drawings, images, barcodes, graphs, checklists, detailed instructions and special notes on your work orders and reports.
  • Customize reports with your company’s logo, and control colors, fonts, page numbering method, and record separator lines.
  • Preview on-screen with pan, scroll, and zoom options.
  • Print to PDF, export to Excel / Word / HTML, e-mail or fax the reports through your fax modem.
  • Create bar code labels for routes and equipment.


Configurable Graphs with Graph Editor

MAINTelligence allows users to expand upon the many built-in graph views in the system, by building custom graph views using the graph editor. Users can select data sources, display types (line, bar, stacked bar, pie, waterfall, orbit, polar), colors, sizes and shapes. Graph labels, legends and item info can all be customized at design time or after the graph is displayed. User defined graphs can be selected into any report, using the Report Editor.


Open Architecture for External System Data Interfaces

One of the most important and unique characteristics of the MAINTelligence system is the MAINTelligenceAPI, which allow the development of interfaces that both read and (safely) write data to the MAINTelligence database. Allowing DMSI, instrument manufacturers, consultants and end users to develop interfaces and drivers to ensure Maintelligence fits with plant wide equipment and initiatives. With the MAINTelligenceAPI, users are not restricted to the limitations of “single source” access to their data.

MAINTelligence has an open interface to vibration and other data collection devices from multiple manufacturers – MAINTelligence is not restricted to devices made by a single manufacturer. MAINTelligence also has the ability to accept condition monitoring and process data from a variety of continuous online data acquisition systems. It can automatically route data received from continuous data acquisition systems or data collectors to other systems (such as ERP/EAM systems or process data historians).

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