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DMSI applies the philosophy of Asset Basic Care to the overall approach for inspections. Our firmware, InspectCE, runs on rugged handhelds performing for process data collection and operator driven reliability.

MAINTelligence and InspectCE have been designed for maximum flexibility and usability, which allows the system to work how the organization needs it to rather than forcing the organization to change its processes to fit. Simply download one or more routes from MAINTelligence into InspectCE and start the inspection. When the route is complete, upload and automatically update your equipment status in the MAINTelligence database.


COLLECT: InspectCE™ collects more than a clipboard...

  • Temperature (with a directly connected infrared thermometer)
  • Vibration, Overall / Waveforms (straight into the PDA with Inspect Vibe™ digital accelerometer)
  • Images and Sounds
  • Work Requests for off-route assets

REVIEW: InspectCE™ operators view more than a clipboard...

  • Asset Identification via barcode or RFID
  • Pre & Post-inspection readings and notes
  • Images / Drawings / Schematics/ Documents
  • Parts Lists / Bill of Materials
  • Work Orders
  • Trend Charts

IMPROVE: InspectCE improves the overall inspection process...

  • Easier and more effective implementation of Asset Basic Care programs
  • Increased data accuracy and consistency
  • Immediate feedback to the operators during asset assessments
  • Immediate indication of exceptions to maintenance and reliability staff
InspectCE uses scanning technology (bar codes and/or RFID) to quickly identify the equipment you are inspecting. Scan the tag, and InspectCE will automatically bring up all the inspection points for that machine—ensuring operators are inspecting and recording data on the right machine – every time.


Inspection Rounds Management
One of the fundamental aspects of Asset Basic Care is rounds based data collection. To eliminate abnormal operating situations, increase plant process throughput, and improve overall plant equipment reliability, the capture and retention of data on the condition of assets is essential. This data is used to alert operations and maintenance of immediate safety and operational exceptions, and allow for alarm and trend based early detection of reliability issues. 

The combination of MAINTelligence and InspectCE solution provides a highly reliable and robust mobile computing system.  MAINTelligence InspectCE is the handheld application specifically designed to handle all the needs of an asset basic care program. InspectCE has the flexibility to be user customized specifically for different asset basic care / operator driven reliability inspection rounds including:

  1. Maintenance Inspection Rounds
  2. Operator Rounds
  3. Lubrication Rounds
  4. Safety, Health and Environmental Rounds
  5. Inspections wtih Enterprise Systems

View our Asset Basic Care (PDF 400KB) brochure.

See the system first hand via a live web demo.


ASSET BASIC CARE: Learn more about Asset Basic Care...

Asset Basic Care is a commitment by the operations and maintenance staff to ensure that assets maintain their expected level of quality and volume for output, while reaching their expected lifespan.  Asset Basic Care greatly reduces and / or eliminates reactive maintenance by implementing procedures to ensure that assets are:

  1. Properly configured with all specified guards, safety devices and environmental protection.
  2. Operating within proper parameters (i.e. acceptable temperature / pressure / flow rate etc).
  3. Protected from dirt, water and other sources of contamination. Checked for seals operating properly (no leaks of lubricant or process fluids).
  4. Receiving the correct type and amount of lubricant as per the lubrication schedule.

These procedures are all carried out in a thorough asset care regimen. The investigative part of this regimen also attempts to catch incipient problems by monitoring assets for both visual (qualitative) and measurable (quantitative) indications of change.

Along with the inspection processes of the program, an Asset Basic Care process focuses on education of the operators, the lubrication staff and the maintenance / reliability staff. Asset Basic Care puts high emphasis on both operator managed inspection programs and lubrication management efforts.

An Asset Basic Care / Operator Driven Reliability program is an effective foundation for preventive and predictive maintenance programs. Asset Basic Care can make a profound contribution to any organization implementing a Six Sigma quality strategy. Most importantly, Asset Basic Care can have a significant positive effect on asset availability, as well as reduce operations and maintenance expenditures in the achievement of increased asset reliability.

For a detailed look at Asset Basic Care, please visit our documentation library and download the Asset Basic Care White Paper.

Acrobat Reader is required to view PDFs. Download for free if needed.

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