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Lubrication Rounds

Lubrication is a key component of Asset Basic Care because improperly lubricated machinery is the number one cause of equipment failure, making it critical to the overall reliability effort.
By ensuring the right lubricant is used in the correct amount and frequency, overall asset availability can be greatly increased.
Many of our customers have kick-started their reliability program
by simply focusing on lubrication management using MAINTelligence and InspectCE, resulting in excellent improvements in asset availability.

MAINTelligence and InspectCE automate lubrication management, turning it from an error-prone manual chore to a predictable, automated process. Our comprehensive and innovative system is the choice of industry respected lubrication authorities. Look to MAINTelligence to organize and bring your lubrication management efforts to the leading-edge, preventing downtime, saving energy costs, maximizing employee productivity and retaining the precious knowledge of an aging workforce.

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