Inspections Routes


Maintenance Inspection Rounds

Maintenance inspections are a key maintenance program component requiring regular frequency to ensure the overall safety and working status of equipment. Maintenance inspections generally include visual and functional inspections based on experience coupled with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for each piece of equipment. The primary goal is to discover issues as they develop, allowing remediation rather than major repair later.

Key Benefits to Maintenance Inspection Rounds:

  • Discover issues in development, prior to incurring damage.
  • Be aware in advance of approaching cost and stock issues for proper budgeting and ordering of parts.
  • Provides a historical documentation of the asset's condition and repairs. This is a valuable tool for long term trending and prediction on future issues.

Every piece of data collected can be used by MAINTelligence to determine the condition of the machinery being monitored. Also, all data collected can be used by MAINTelligence Asset Management to trigger additional tasks or work orders. Finally, all of the data being collected during routine machine inspections can be put to good use – automatically, through MAINTelligence’s extensive set of interfaces to plant EAM/CMMS systems.

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