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Operator Rounds: Richest Data Source to Improve Reliability

Operator rounds are one of the richest sources of data for making decisions to improve reliability. The traditional method of carrying out these inspections, logsheets / clipboards, made it difficult to use this information productively. Using a rugged handheld with inspection automation tools, makes it possible to turn this data into information for almost immediate improved asset reliability. The automation of rounds is a fundamental part of “Operator Driven Reliability” or “Operator Asset Care”.

Operator rounds focus on the visual inspection of assets, but it can also include recording temperatures, pressures, flow rates, vibration levels, water chemistry, spills and leaks, and other safety and operating condition data. All of this data can be collected via MAINTelligence InspectCE and turned into valuable information to base critical decisions on.

Including operators in the detection and elimination of problems is an excellent way to facilitate all reliability efforts as it makes reliability a joint effort by both operations and maintenance.  Most importantly – it makes a tremendous amount of sense as many basic equipment inspections can greatly benefit from a frequency of once per shift or more. Combine these with routine process inspections being carried out by operators and maintenance can stay focused on critical repairs.

In general, having operators involved in the overall reliability of their equipment promotes a better partnership between operations and maintenance. It also lays the groundwork for a future integrated operations and maintenance work system.

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