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DMSI offers a full range of training programs ranging from as needed training classes to formal, scheduled training programs conducted both in Vancouver and regionally throughout the world.  We can custom tailor a training program to suit the needs of your operation.

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Basic Training

We offer both classroom and task-based training to introduce new users to MAINTelligence. Basic Classroom Training covers a set curriculum, teaching the basics of the software for new users to use the software on the job. Basic Task-Based Training helps operators, lubrication and maintenance technicians to understand the importance of the newly deployed procedures that employ use of the software.

Intermediate Training

Intermediate training focuses on the use of MAINTelligence to implement specific preventive and predictive maintenance programs in areas such as:
  • Asset Basic Care
  • Lubrication Program Management
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Lubrication Analysis
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Work Order Management

Advanced Training

Advanced training focuses on the advanced features found in the MAINTelligence system. Typically our training staff work with attendees prior to training to define the areas of focus.

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Live Online Training

Live Online training suits MAINTelligence users who are already set-up and running and looking to save travel time and money. The sessions are approximately one hour in length and not meant to replace a full MAINTelligence training course. MAINTelligence users usually purchase a package of four sessions that can be held either daily or weekly. Learn more »

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